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It is possible to order snowboards, snowboard boots and bindings online everywhere. However, explanations about these different things often are missing. gives a nice overview of all the available brands, tips and the correct information about these parts. Among others, we discuss snowboards, bindings, snowboard shoes and the best snowboard brands. We also tell you which are the best shops to buy your snowboard products!

Buying a snowboard online

Buying a snowboard of your snowboard gear online has several advantages. Firt of all, it is much cheaper. There is a large offer of snowboards, bindings and snowboardboots available online. It is also very easy to make a comparison online and to be sure that you find your gear for the best available price.

Tips and information provides the experienced and unexperienced snowboarder with tips and trics when it comes to buying snowboard gear. We discuss several brands of snowboard gear and we tell you what you need. The most important stuff you need to know, you can find it here. If you still have questions after reading our information, please contact us by filling out the contact form.

We hope you find good quality snowboard gear and we hope you enjoy snowboarding!