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Snowboard bindings

When it's time to buy your own snowboard, it is also time to choose your snowboard bindings. Snowboard bindings are available in multiple sizes and there are many different kinds. When buying a snowboard binding, it is important to pay attention to a few things. The best snowboard bindings immediately brings the steering movements you make from your body to your board.

How do I find the best snowboard bindings?

Do not only look at the model, but also consider practical things.

  • When you want to find the best snowboard bindings, you should buy your bindings at the same time as you buy your board. If you do this, you know for sure that the size of your bindings match your board.
  • For example, your  snowboard binding can never be wider than the end of your board (without shoes). The width of your board depends on your weight, but also on your shoe size. Therefore it is important that you buy a wider board if you have a large shoe size.
  • Test the snowboard bindings on your board with your shoes on. If your shoes stick out too much on the baseplate, you need a bigger snoawboard binding.

Sorts of bindings

The snowboard binding used most often is the strap binding. Nowadays, this binding is seen as the traditional binding. This binding has two straps, one for your toes and one for your ankles. Because the straps are attached to your snowboard you are able to transfer your steering movements very good. Besides strap bindings, there are also flow bindings. These bindings have a large strap for over your boot.