Snowboards, Bindingen, Boots en Complete Sets

New snowboard boots

As a professional snowboarder, you will occasionally need new snowboard boots. Even when you are not yet experienced, you will want a decent pair of boots. Your snowboard boots connect your body to your board.

Different kinds of snowboard boots

There are three kinds of snowboard boots:

  1. Softboots. Softboots are comfortable shoes with a lot of room. This makes the shoe comfortable to walk in. The boot has two parts: an inside shoe to protect your feet and an outside shoe with a solid top part. Freeride softboots.  are higher and have a more solid outside shoe. Freestyle softboots are more loose.
  2. Hardboots. A hardboot supports your foot, your ankle and the lower part of your calf. These snowboard boots allow you to connect your movements with your board. The hard plastic gives you control over your board.
  3. Hybride boots. A combination of the soft boot and the hard boot. The comfortable part allows for flexibility and the hard part allows you to maintain control.

Snowboard boots online

If you are going to buy snowboard boots online, you do not only want to buy ones that look pretty. They have to fit right and be comfortable. After a while it will be necessary to replace your snowboard boots. They will last long, but not eternal and you need to replace them timely. Do not buy the first pair that are comfortable, but try multiple ones. Do not just look at the size of the shoe, but also focus on comfort. Do these things and you should be alright.