Snowboards, Bindingen, Boots en Complete Sets

Types of snowboards

Nowadays, snowboarding is becoming very popular. It is possible to distinguish different types of snowboarding; freerice, freestyle and alpineboarding. Freeriding is snowboarding on pistes. Freestyling means stunt snowboarding, in which people make stunts tricks and jumping. This can be done on rails, boxes or half pipes. Alpine boarding is mainly turns and curves.

Which snowboard do I need?

A snowboard usually has the right length when it reaches up to your nose or shoulders. The length of the board also depends on the weight. A heavy person needs a longer board. Also important, is what type of snowboarding you want to do. Are you going to freeride, freestyle or alpine? Consider this when you buy your board. Freestyle boards are shorter, for example.


If you are just starting to snowboard, you need to tilt the nose of your snowboard to prevent yourself from falling over. After going on holiday, have your snowboard waxed if necessary. This will benefit the endurance of your board. Also, always mind other snowboarders.

And of course, do not forget to have fun!